List products on your Shopify store in seconds via SMS

Text an image to 435.500.2010 Get ListingSMS for Shopify

Simply text us an image and view how fast we identify and create a listing with your image! It's really that simple!!


ListingSMS for Wix

Text an image to 435.441.4778 Get ListingSMS for WIX

Simply text us an image and watch the machine learning and draft product listing happen!


Is the image posted as Active or Draft?

When you text a test image to ListingSMS we post it as Active to show you the functionality. As a user with your own Shopify store ListingSMS will post the image as a Draft.

How do you label image data?

We use machine learning models to analyze and label images.

Can you set the price and product description for my images?

Under our standard pricing we do not set the product description or pricing. If you want to automate pricing and descriptions for your images then contact us for custom model development.

Can I customize the image recognition data?

Our image label machine learning gets smarter with each image we analyze so the image data will be highly accurate. We also offer custom image recognition development services if you need custom image recognition. Contact us below!

Can I text more than 1 image at a time?

No, you can only text one image at a time. Please wait for ListingSMS to reply before texting the next image.

See ListingSMS in action using a custom workflow on Local kitchens and farms list their products by texting pics of produce and baked goods.


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